How was the beginning of the company


Edil R. Mendez

President and Executive Director

Alert International Rescue is a dedicated company that provides medical air services. Funded in 2014 by a 22-year-old entrepreneur named Edil Mendez, they began operating with high quality medical equipment and trained personnel.


Méndez was born in Olanchito, Yoro, in the mainland of Honduras, and moved to Roatan with his family when he was four years old. When he was 11 years old, he sold vegetables with his brother in a cart in front of the Coconut Tree in the West End. At age 12, he began to receive training at the city fire station, so he was at Coxen Hole. "That fire station was my home," says Méndez about the station where he learned how to fight fires. Finally, he became more interested in the medical area. "I was always in the ambulance treating patients," he said. He was chosen to participate in two paramedical training courses offered on the island by a visiting team from the prestigious Union College University in Nebraska. USES. He also received training in surgical emergencies and trauma at the medical clinic in Anthony's Key. On the other hand, Gaynor Pook, who operates the dive shop in Coconut Tree, reminded Méndez of his days selling vegetables and helped him obtain his SCUBA certification in open waters, after which he received advanced rescue training with Other firefighters at CoCo View Resort. In total, Méndez has received 27 certifications in the medical and emergency field of several organizations.


In 2011, at the age of 19, he left the fire department and went to work as a paramedic in Mahogany Bay, the newly opened cruise port. Then he moved to a similar job for billionaire Kelcy Warren on the island of Barbareta, east of Roatan. Based on that experience, people started calling him in case of emergency. Provide paramedical services for medical evacuations at the request of the local tourist centers, Anacaribe (the agent of cruise ships that visit the island), the Canadian mayor and others. "They hired me as a private paramedic for people who needed medical attention," he said.


In early 2012, he was recognized as a "hero of the island of Roatan" for helping to evacuate the victims of a plane that crashed in the water off West Bay < miracle-of-survival-as-tourist-hydroplane-crashes-in-west-bay-community-effort-saves lives = 201202025479>. It was in that operation that he met the operators of Horizontes, a small charter flight company based in San Pedro Sula.


In 2013, Méndez left the island and spent time in New York. He returned in February and started looking for what to do next. Then, during Holy Week of the same year, Méndez received a call around 2 a.m. from Bananarama Resort about one of its employees, who had been in a serious traffic accident. Méndez made the arrangements to take him to a hospital on the coast, where he unfortunately expired due to severe head trauma (the only fatality to one of his evacuated patients, he says).


Then he started looking for air ambulance services as a full-time business. Mendez called his network of contacts, including Horizontes, which has two Cessna aircraft and a full-time dispatcher / coordinator in San Pedro Sula. Another friend, Hector Nufio, operates helicopters from Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula through a charter company called Divesa. He established relationships with the D'Antoni Hospital in the La Ceiba, Bendaña and Cemesa hospitals in San Pedro Sula and the Tegucigalpa School Hospital to facilitate the reception of patients with air evacuation, even in some cases by helicopter in front of the hospital door. emergency room. But he also has authorizations to operate in and out of Cancun, Mexico and Costa Rica, and said he recently established an ambulance from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, through which he was able to coordinate medical evacuations to the US. UU., "The arrangement is ready," he said. Mendez