About Alert International Rescue

Quality, Responsibility, Professional

Proudly Alert International Rescue is the first and only Honduran flag air ambulance company, which has the safest transportation fleet and the highly qualified medical staff to meet the needs of each patient during every medical transportation.

Immediate Response


For being the only emergency service providers in Honduras.

Alert International Rescue has implemented improvements in logistics that we could have an aircraft on the air in 30 minutes after aproval.

Ground assistance with ambulances are included, as we are alert 24/7 to assist you with a doctor on board each ambulance unit, to guarantee the quality and comfort to each patient.

National & International Assistance

By our efforts and hard work every day is what distinguishes us as the most successful company in the caribbean,  based on records since the opening of our operations in 2014, and which until the present we have participated to evacuate more than 580 patients to different countries such as: Canada, USA, Grand Cayman, Switzerland, Belize, Costa Rica, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Germany and Spain.

Video of our operation

Check out this amazing video